I developed this website as a resource for airline families. This site is for pilots and their partners who want to create relationships
that work.

  • Did you know that the characteristics which make an excellent pilot are the same ones that often cause difficulty in pilot relationships?
  • Does the current state of uncertainty in the airline industry cause you worry and stress?
  • Have you ever had trouble managing the lifestyle of an airline pilot with a family … being alone, parenting, maintaining intimacy?

I can help. For 25 years I have helped commercial airline pilots and their spouses solve problems, reduce stress and enhance their relationships.

You weren’t born a pilot, you became one. Through initial training and recurrent training, you became the pilot you are today.

Relationship skills are acquired the same way…through training. I want to share with you the many helpful tools that I have learned
over the years to help you thrive in your relationships and live
happier, healthier lives.



 I am offering products which take the educational tools from my private practice directly to the general aviation population.

Check out my newest product. The Pilot Relationships Program for Airline Couples has 6 videos, each about an hour long which will give you the information and skills you need to improve your relationship.

Thank you for visiting today. I look forward to helping you enhance your relationships today for a better tomorrow